Holly Garner: Maid For You

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Holly Garner
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How many models have a classic maids costume in their closet! Holly Garner has one and she wears it in this show. SCORELAND: Holly, what is it like for you going through airports! Holly Garner: I try not to attract attention in such public places and wear oversized tops because Im afraid to distract employees from something important. But this applies only to places of potential danger. SCORELAND: What type of sweaters or tops do you prefer! Holly Garner: Its terribly cold in Russia in the winter so I wear tight woolen sweaters during the freezing season. But in summer I prefer small crop-tops. SCORELAND: Are you called by any pet names! Holly Garner: My mother calls me piggy because as a child I dreamed of marrying a character in the Russian childrens program, Good Night, Kids. It was just an adorable pig. Favorite Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal Favorite Actress: Scarlet Johansson Favorite Movies: The Harry Potter film series

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