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Annabelle Rogers
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Growing up, I was always very confident, so I kinda always got attention from guys, said gorgeous Annabelle Rogers. Ive never felt ashamed because of my boobs. Theyve always made me feel very sexy and empowered and unique. I dont know if there was ever a time when I thought, Oh, Ive got it. I always thought I had it. Maybe in high school, if I had to pick a particular time. We asked Annabelle if she understands the mind of the boob man. I love boob guys, that they appreciate boobs. Ive come across many different boob fetishes, and its so much fun, all the things you can do with boobs, but I dont think Ill ever understand the mind of a male. There was one guy who wanted me to keep my bra on and slowly turn from side-to-side for five minutes and do nothing else. There was one guy who wanted me to eat cheese off my boobs, which Ill do any day of the week.

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