Wanna Cum Bi! - Scene 3

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Nicole Aria thinks her boyfriend may be gay so she goes to talk to an older gay man to assess the situation.She feels her boyfriend is afraid to act on his fantasies so maybe if she can set up a threesome with a very bisexual man he will be comfortable. She tells her boyfriend she has a surprise coming so she puts a blindfold on him. As she sucks his cock Sergeant Miles enters the room and starts taking turns sucking. Only when Hatler Gurius feels the beard does he realize it is a man sucking his cock.When he sees how it is also Nicoles fantasy to share a man with him he lets himself go and soon is having one seriously hot bisexual threesome.Its not long till Hatler gets to suck some cock too as well as experiencing his first frotting.Nicole is having a blast having the two dicks take turns on her pussy and its just a matter of time till the men are entering each others assholes. Soon Hatler ends up with a massive blast of cum up his ass. Wow what a day!

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