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Shanie Gaviria
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I love a lot of things about this scene, starting with the way Shanie Gavirias tits are pouring out of her tight top at the beginning. If she walked down the street wearing that top, guys would be walking into light poles and thered be fender benders like crazy. Im sorry, Officer, but you had to see the tits on that girl! Another thing I love is that Shanie is speaking Spanish, and I appreciate the sub-titles. I enjoy hearing busty girls speaking in their native language, especially when theyre talking about their tits. Theres a lot of boob kneading and grabbing and tugging, too, and I like that. And I love when Shanie puts cream on her nipples. I love how Shanie pops a balloon with her bubble butt. Most girls cant do that. Most girls would just squish the balloon, but Shanies ass is so firm, she pops it. But what I love most is the brief time when Shanie self-sucks her left breast hands-free while playing with her pussy. This is a move Shanie has perfected, and I think Read More

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