Health, Wealth Unhappiness, Scene 01

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Izzy Lush
Jake Adams
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HEALTH, WEALTH UNHAPPINESS MAN GROWS PARANOID THAT HIS NEW BRIDE IS TRYING TO KILL HIM FOR HIS MONEY SCENE OPENS on Jeff Jake Adams. He sits nervously in his car. He taps the steering wheel, looking at his watch impatiently. His phone rings. He answers it, putting it on speaker. Hey man, he says to the phone. Hey little bro, his brother Bobby greets him. So did you pick her up yet! Bobby asks. No not yet, hes actually at the airport now, her planes already landed so now hes just waiting for her to get through customs, he says. IF she gets through customs, who KNOWS what shes hiding, Bobby says with a little laugh. Thats not funny, Jeff says. He knows how he feels about this whole thing, but he doesnt need to constantly be taking little shots at him, Jeff says crossly. Sorry, its just... Im worried about you. Shes a MAIL ORDER BRIDE for fucks sake, Bobby says. Jeff sighs, exasperated. Yeah, he knows that he sounds like a broken record, but really: how much does he ACTUALLY know about this girl! , Bobby asks, concerned. Weve been over this a million times now Bobby. Shes a 22-year-old girl from a small town. Shes never even been on a PLANE before. Shes just lo

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