The Starlet A Casey Calvert Story, Scene 01

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Casey Calvert
Derrick Pierce
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THE STARLET: A CASEY CALVERT STORY BRATTY HOLLYWOOD ACTRESS LOSES SEX BET WITH STUNTMAN - Emma Casey Calvert is a Hollywood starlet that cares only about herself. She further proves this by causing a movie producer grief by being late for training with a stuntman. When she finds out that the stuntman shell be closely working with is none other than Michael Derrick Pierce, her ex-boyfriend, her entitled attitude makes her even more difficult to work with. When Michael arrives at Emmas house for stage combat training, he isnt thrilled to be around her. Not only are they exes, but Emma stole this acting gig from Michaels current girlfriend. Although he tries to be professional, Emma makes it hard for him, acting like a spoiled brat. Hes so annoyed with her, especially after she nearly breaks his nose for a joke, that he abandons the session. Perhaps feeling a LITTLE guilty for what shes done, Emma shows him that shes been practicing when they next meet up for more practice. Shes so confident in her abilities that her ego continues to inflate, especially when Michael makes the mistake of complimenting her. She starts rubbing her skills in, getting under Michaels skin as

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