Prom Night, Scene 01

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Codey Steele
Kyle Mason
Matt Sloan
Robby Echo
Whitney Wright
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PROM NIGHT Nerdy Girl Gangbanged by Popular Boys Before School Dance The scene opens on a bed, as a prom gown is carefully being laid out. Its early evening and a mother is helping her daughter dress for the big night. The girl, Julie, seems very shy and reserved as she strips out of her clothes and slowly climbs into the dress. Her mother, sensing the girls nerves, does her best to reassure her. Shes been asked out by the most popular boy in school and still cant figure out how it happened. The mother tells her its because she is beautiful, as she zips the girl up and shows her off in the mirror. The girl, hiding behind her glasses, blushes and tells her mom to stop. She is a total loser at school. No boys like her. Why would he ask her out! The mother takes the girls glasses off and tells her sternly that he asked her out because she is special. She is a perfect, precious 18-year- old girl. What boy wouldnt want that! Julie looks at herself long and hard in the mirror before a

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